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About Us

MDV School Of Music caters for all age groups and level from Beginners to Advanced!

We are musicians ourselves and understand the ups and downs of all that comes with learning. One main hurdle we help our students overcome is anxiety. It’s easy to listen to that voice in your head that feeds you doubt. We can help you deal with that voice and assist in forging a musical path!


Improved Memory


Teamwork and Social Skills


Creative Expression


Enhances Creativity


Boosts Confidence


It’s Fun!

Why Choose Us

Take your first huge steps to Learning


Practice: This is a must! What is good practice and how to apply it?
Transforming your habits: Does it really only take 28 days to build a new habit?
Confidence: The tools to enhance and maintain your confidence.
Stage Fright/Overcoming Performance Anxiety: How to defeat your fear of failure and gain confidence.
Work in the music industry: The tools to promote yourself & network in the industry.
We recognise that every person has different challenges, needs and goals; therefore, we approach each student and lessons as a unique experience where the students individual needs will be addressed.

Our Classes

Our Music Class

We teach in-school, after school and even online via Zoom or Facetime!


Acoustic and electric!
Pop, folk, rock, heavy metal!

Our guitar lessons are a fun and flexible way to learn one of the most popular instruments in the world.  Prized for it’s versatility (and portability!) it’s hard to imagine the modern musical landscape without the guitar.


Learn to read music and play the piano musically with good basic piano technique

Also, learn how to self-accompany as you sing using your ear and basic chord piano skills.


Get in tune and be heard!
Regular singing lessons can help with confidence and onstage performance anxiety.

Bass Guitar

It’s all about the BASS! The glue that holds the music together.


Get loud while learning to
groove and read drum music! We teach acoustic and electric drums.
Most styles too!

Our drum classes are the perfect way to satisfy the drummer(s) in your family.  Combining stress relief and enjoyable challenges of coordination, what better way to blow off some steam and sharpen your mind at the same time. 


The most popular and easiest string instrument to learn.
Easy chords = tonnes of songs! Great fun to learn in groups too!

Join Our Class

Music for kids helps their day to day learning!

We have heard from a lot of our student’s parents and teachers that the kids have made vast improvement in maths and attention levels. 
Whether your child prefers solo lessons or group lessons they will have fun and will learn persistance. 

Our Tutors

Who are we?

“I love teaching and passing my wealth of knowledge along to the next person. Watching a student’s growth is a real buzz! Music has been with me since I was 8 years old and has helped me through the ups and downs of life. Most of my friends have a music background and we’ve become lifelong friends!” 

Mark De Vattimo

* Mark De Vattimo: 20+ years professional touring guitarist. Teaching acoustic, electric, bass, drums. Folk, pop, indi, rock, blues, metal. Stagecraft tutoring.

* Current Working with Children Card & Police Clearance.

“One of my true passions is to guide my students through any shyness and anxiety issues they may have. I have seen so many students break through barriers they never knew the could. Teaching vocals and piano at MDVSoM is a huge reward! I love going to ‘work’ every day!”

Marisa De Vattimo

Marisa De Vattimo: professional vocalist & instructor – professional MC * Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA Trained).

* Current Working with Children Card & Police Clearance.

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